Guest Information

Dress Regulations

Mixed Grill Room, Lounge And Patio:
Informal; Slacks, sweaters, sportswear. Golfing attire, including spikes may be worn at any time. No hats or ball caps are to be worn in the first floor dining areas.

Golf Course:
Golf slacks or Bermuda length shorts and golf-type shirts (with collars and sleeves) for gentlemen will be considered appropriate. Attire for ladies include golf skirts, Bermuda length shorts, and golf-type tops. Certain apparel such as short shorts, athletic or jogging shorts, cut-off slacks, blue jeans or denim of any type, as well as halter tops are considered inappropriate. All players must wear non-penetrating shoes without spikes when playing the golf course, driving range and practice putting green.

Swimming Pool:
Swim suits at all times. Dungaree shorts are not permitted as swim trunks. Swim suits are not permitted outside of the pool area.

Lounging Area At Poolside:
Swimming attire or sport shirts and slacks or shorts for men and boys; comparable attire for ladies and girls.

White preferred; Collared shirts or T-shirts; shorts or tennis skirts. No tank tops, muscle shirts, or cut-offs of any kind. Sweats and warm-up suits allowed when cold.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not permitted on the first floor of the Clubhouse. Usage is restricted on the golf course to emergency phone calls only and incoming calls, provided the phone can alert you to a call with the ringer off.

Pace Of Play

In order to facilitate the pace of play, please practice "Ready Golf' from tee to green. Four hours should provide adequate time for the play of 18 holes. Please keep pace with the group in front of you. If your group is a hole or more behind, you are required to allow the faster groups behind you to play through.

Bag Drop And Parking Areas

The Bag Drop area located at the Golf Shop exists for the safety of players and Clubhouse visitors. We ask that all members and guests utilize the bag drop so as to maintain safe and orderly parking areas. If you use a pull cart or electric trolley, the staff will be happy to remove it from your vehicle with your clubs and get your rig ready to play.

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